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Boating is a fun pastime for many along the coastline. However, boating can cause environmental problems if precautions are not taken. Boaters can easily do their part to protect the ocean water while enjoying their vessel.


Using oil water separators North Carolina boaters can keep the ocean water clear of unwanted oil. Boats with onboard bilge water tanks use these separators to remove oil from the water before discharge. Many boats come equipped with an onboard bilge tank that releases wastewater into the ocean. Without removal of the oil from the waste, that oil can cause problems for ocean life. These separators remove oil from other water sources on board beyond the bilge tank.


The Pacific Ocean already has a trash pile bigger than the state of Texas. Boaters can do their part of not contributing to the trash accumulation by properly storing items on board. Preventing trash from being blown into the water or from waves washing it away is simple to accomplish. Boaters can install trashcans and other storage systems onboard. Once at the shore, these items can be emptied of trash. The waste can then be properly recycled or otherwise disposed of. The ocean ends up with less trash that harms sea life and pollutes the water.


Only fill fuel tanks about 90% full to avoid spilling fuel into the water. Fuel overflow contaminates the surface level of the water impacting plant and animal life whether near the shore or out at sea. By not filling the tank to the top, boaters can help prevent fuel from contaminating the water.


A well-maintained boat not only keeps the vessel running at peak performance but also keeps the water clean. Perform routine maintenance as scheduled and repair anything that needs it as soon as possible. These simple tasks can help keep the oceans cleaner and safer for everyone.